Question about splash screen

  • Hello, I'm a rdp-manager new user, I come from mremote-ng, and I use rdp-manager portable version 4.9.86 x64, on windows 10.

    Time to time, after password, rdp-manager freeze on start showing splash screen, then I kill the program from task mamanger.

    This happen 1 time ono 20, then no big problem, but I'm searching if exist a switch, starting the .exe to avoid splash screen showing, unfortunately I'm italian, I can read nd write english, and all of help and forum is in German, it' very unconfortable using google translator one page at time.

    Then, please, 2 question:

    1) are there some switches to use for start rdp-manager ?

    2) are there some documentation in english ?

    Anyway rdp-manager is a very good piece of software :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: